Raw imports to Vietnam increased sharply

Currently, the three major seasons in the world have basically ended in India, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, ...
In Ivory Coast, the demand for raw materials has increased sharply this year, and the involvement of so many traders and brokers has made the sale and purchase competition in Africa very hot. The farmers are psychologically prepared to wait for prices even though actual quality is decreasing. The purchase price for maize farmers is set at 275 CFA / kg but the price has been pushed up to 450 CFA / kg.
In Vietnam, after VINACAS warned about the import of raw cashew nuts in 2015, many importers have intensified negotiations and agreed to schedule the delivery with the seller. In addition, processing enterprises have paid more attention to the balance of goods in the store to where, welcome to.

Currently, raw cashew nuts are coming from West African countries on the way, while those from Cambodia, Indonesia and East Africa have declined. Guinea Bissau is currently in the crop, noting that the seasonal situation is normal, but the price offered for early-season quality is too high, ranging from $ 1,600 to $ 1,650 / Mt C & F. HCM - At this price, many businesses will not be able to balance, especially what Guinea Bissau is very small seeds, hard to sell.

In Binh Phuoc, some large processing enterprises have abundant domestic and imported commodities sold in the form of raw cashew nut for good price in limited quantity.

*** According to statistics of VINACAS gathered from TCHQ (Official), in the first 4 months of 2015, Vietnam has imported a large amount of raw material, equivalent to 197.5 thousand tons of raw cashew, up 175.74% In particular, the quantity of crude imported from Cambodia this year is higher than expected.